Weed is a very addictive substance that can sometimes cause more harm that what most would suggest. While it may be true that in some studies it is really helpful for curing certain types of diseases such as cancer, it is still one of the most dangerous drugs that can ruin lives as well. Truth be told, I really have no problem on medical weeds, since it is indeed really helpful to those who need it, but other people who does not have this diseases are using and abusing them for their own amusement and entertainment.


If you smoke weed as a habit already, then it can be really hard for you to quit it, since your body will more than likely grow to need it on your system, which can be really harmful to you if you directly stop using it by forcing yourself or by going to rehabilitation. That is why, sometimes going to rehab in order for you to stop using weed can sometimes cause more harm to your body than help it, which is why in this article, I'm going to give you some easy ways that could help you stop smoking weed, ready your body and mind, cause this is going to be a very tough road for you.


Firstly, there is this simple product that may help you stop thinking and using weed. This simple device is called an e-cig or vape, which is nowadays one of the best cold turkey in order for you to stop smoking weed or tobacco products. It is not only cheaper than weed and tobacco products but it is also not harmful to the body. Check out for more info about weeds.


The second tip I can give you is that you should stay closer and spend more time with your friends and family who do not smoke weed in the daily basis, while staying far away to those friends and family members who are using them in a daily basis. 


Benefits of not smoking weedis to remove all ways to contact your dealer, such as deleting him or her in your contact folders, or just simply throwaway your memory card or just buy a new phone, or completely block him or her in your social media accounts as well. Without any contact to your dealer, who is supplying you with your addictive lifestyle can greatly increase your chance to stop smoking weed.



And lastlymarijuana detox, stay strong and be positive. It may indeed be a very tough road to stop using a very addictive substance, but just keep in mind that you do not need that certain substance to be happy.