There are people who were able to overcome their addiction to smoking weed. They can easily break the habit without having to force themselves to.


However, there were also people who had hard times quitting weed smoking, and there people who are still struggling in overcoming their weed smoking addiction. These people may have been smoking weed for quite a while making their body to keep wanting it. There will always be the urge to smoke weed and they always give in to that urge. Some were able to smoke three times or more in one night.


For some, quitting weed seems to be impossible because it has become part of their life. No matter how hard they try, it just didn't work.


No matter how much effort they give and try different kinds of tips in order to quit smoking weed successfully, they still ended up smoking weed. Know more about marijuana in


Here are some tips that have been proven to be effective so that one can successfully turn down the urge of smoking weed:


First of all, you must tell yourself that you don't want to smoke weed anymore. Of course, you want to quit. However, if you consider smoking weed as beneficial because it give you energy, then you will surely have a hard time quitting. You must tell yourself that there's no reason why you should do it.


Ways to stop smoking weed, you must identify the triggers which caused you to start smoking weed. For some, the reason they smoke weed is boredom and such become a habit. You must tell yourself that smoking weed is not good thing and doing so will not be beneficial to you at all.


Marijuana withdrawal symptomscan take your mind off smoking weed. Think of other things that can make you happy and excited and do those things every time you feel like you wanna smoke weed again. If you love certain kind of sports, do it. Sport is also a good way of distressing which can help your body not to want weed anymore.


Of course, make sure you have no stock of weed in your home. Throw everything that can remind you about smoking weed.



Just keep yourself busy with something you love doing aside from smoking weed. If there are issues in your life that causes stress and worry on you, make sure to solve it so that you can focus on your goal of quitting weed smoking.